New Release from KARMIA - "Jäätynyt maa" EP

Just a quick blog update in case somebody happens to stumbleupon here. Do people still blog?
Anyways recently we released some new music with KARMIA. Our "Jäätynyt maa" EP is now up on Spotify, iTunes etc. Check out a Music Video for "Tiimalasi" and a Lyric Video for "Kielletty" on YouTube:


So right after the next day the EP was released I fled the country to Germany and visited Berlin. Coming from the cold, cold Helsinki the weather was a perfect 27°C, which is way too hot for me personally, but it was really nice. We did the basic tourist thing and visited the usual places and such.

Even though my grandfathers were in the war (and survived) it's hard to think the WWII was actually just last century and the Berlin wall was teared down as recently as 1989... Obviously there are wars and horrible things going on all the time in the world, so it's pretty lucky to have been born and living in Finland in this time. We tend to forget this and just bitch about how cold it is in here in winter time (and pretty much all the time...).


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