Back in Blogness

I realised I haven't blogged in six months so I suppose it's in due time. A lot of stuff has happened since I last wrote a blog. Christmas... New Year... My birthday... And the new Star Wars movie came out, which was freaking awesome!

But then there's been terrorists attacks in Europe, refugee crisis and all sorts of fucked up shit. Also Prince died, Lemmy Kilmister died, David Bowie died, Alan Rickman died. Well that was not so awesome at all. Nobody die now, okay?

New Music

A couple of days ago we released our latest single "PROMISES" with a live show video (Oh right we had a live in March at Arabia Rock House) and "LUCID" in February.

Promises & Lucid and will be available on iTunes and Spotify  and whatnot in May 5th.

We are going back to studio in early June to record 3 new songs, 2 of which will have lyrics in Finnish!

Old Age Does Not Come Alone

I recently hurt my left elbow somehow lifting weights and got Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and swelling that caused tingling and sensory problems to my fingers. So I was unable to play guitar for a few weeks. It's now getting better, but I think there's some permanent damage and I'll probably have to have surgery some day. That area has always been kind of strange when lifting weights or doing pull-ups and such. The Ulnar Nerve seems to slide out from its place and it finally just got too irritated or something.

When in Rome

In my last blog I mentioned I was going to Italy and so I did. It was just after the terrorist attacks in Paris so we saw a lot of military patrolling on the streets of Rome. Otherwise it was very nice, recommend. The Vatican Museums were mind blowing, you could wander in there for weeks. Also not much lines to famous places in November, though it was bit cold, which is why. Here's some pics.

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on


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