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Back to the Future Past: Runaway Droid

My rock activities have been on a looong "summer break". Last summer a bass player was let go due to a lack of participating and skill. Then we swapped a guitar player, then our drummer left to focus on other things, and somewhere in the middle two bass players joined and left and whatnot. Being in a band is f#cking great! 😬 We still put out an EP in April. Sooooo anyways, I started to compose stuff on a keyboard for my own amusement. From this and my love for the 80's pop culture a new Synthwave project called Runaway Droid was born. My first retro single is now up on Spotify, YouTube and everywhere.

I have a second release almost ready and other new tracks, so more new stuff coming soon 👀

California Dreamin' During the summer I put together an In the Wake of Eden cover version of California Deamin' (by The Mama & Papas, also covered by Sia and a bunch of artists):

Rock 'n' Roll We are auditioning drummers for KARMIA soon, so I hope we'll soon…

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