I'm back, bitches. Last weekend I realised I hadn't composed any solo work in a long time. So I'm just gonna leave this here:

Rock 'n' Roll..  Not dead?

I have actually written a lot of music this year for KARMIA, but it seems we are going back to record with English lyrics, so a lot of new songs made in Finnish will probably never see the daylight. Because just changing language/arranging new lyrics is not that smooth or easy to do, when you already think the song is ready in one form. I think I have actually composed an album's worth of tracks this year, but a lot of have gone unused for now. We do have 3 new songs kind of ready, but not sure when we'll record anything. And hey, if you happen to be a great bass player, we are looking for one!

Laser Eyes!

I meant to write about my experience of laser eye surgery, but then forgot. I've been using glasses for the last 9-10 years or something. I had little myopia and some annoying astigmatism. I really hated using contact lenses and really never used them. So in June I had something called ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery. It's the latest technique where they only cut a small incision with laser and extract a lens shaped piece out of the cornea. (Not a big flap like in Lasik.) So it's supposed to heal faster and not cause dry eyes.

The operation itself was very smooth and not painful at all, only took about 5 minutes to do. I would take that over a visit to dentist any day. But the healing process was bit more tricky than advertised (which I knew in advance, thanks to internet). With Smile you can pretty much do anything the next day, but it takes longer for vision to correct perfectly. My vision was really great outdoors pretty soon, but I work with computers and that was really difficult for a long time. It took about 2 months to get where it doesn't bother much anymore. I still have some haze in the morning when looking at screens and then it gets better as the day progresses. I read it took some people a year for the vision to stabilize, and other people say it's 2 weeks... I suppose it's a very individualized process and depends on what you use your vision for. I would recommend the surgery though, just be prepared. I think I can see farther than I ever did with glasses, but screens are still a bit of a bitch.

Beauty & Stupid

Going through archives I came around an old cover of hide's (X Japan) "Beauty & Stupid" I recorded back in 2008. Listen here:


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