Straight from the Crematorium; An Urnful of New Songs: KARMIA - TUHKA EP

The last February we entered the same studio we have used many times before, which actually is a former morgue(!) and recorded our now released TUHKA EP. By the way 'Tuhka' = 'Ash' in Finnish, so let it burn motherfucker. The record contains 4 new songs in Finnish and was once again recorded in three days with the awesome Juha Kapiainen.

The first Music Video for the EP's title song TUHKA is now out! Kirous, Tunteesta Toiseen and Syytän Sua Kaikesta will follow soon.

This EP is kind of a follow-up to our last release Hiljainen Hauta / Vääryys single. Also the next one will probably be a natural continuum to this, it's actually pretty much already composed.

This is the first time we didn't release the record by ourselves but instead through a label: Inverse Records. All the songs are composed by me, I'm Ana by the way, hi! (music) and Olliver (lyrics, vocal melody) and arranged with the band. If you think we could use a fresh approach to our musical composition style go kick Lita's ass, she's a pro!

The whole EP is obviously on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and many, many other services.

The first review by Your Dead Partner gives us 4/5 stars. Not bad for a band that sounds like 2006! I remember some review saying our last one sounded like 2007, so i guess 2005 here we come! Damn I wish it was 2006 again!

So as this post was just kind of a shameless promotion without any personal touch, why not find us on Facebook and Twitter too!

And hell, here's my Facebook profile, add me while you're at it. I don't have another personal one. (If I removed you and a thousand other people from my friends earlier this year, it's just because I went a bit insane about keeping up with a band account.)


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