This Summer's Mega Hit!

The Finnish summer is finally upon us. To celebrate this rare, usually a one week period of rapidly changing temperatures and rain and hailstones, we shot a little video to go with our quite un-KARMIA like happy & cheery summer song. Refreshing!

We tried to catch the most forms of public transport on our way to Suomenlinna. Which is an old military island just out of Helsinki, used to defend against enemies approaching through the Gulf of Finland during several war times in the past. These days people go over there to have a nice summer day. Like we did. Fuck the war everywhere.

More New Releses

We have two other songs just waiting for us to shoot videos. "Vääryys" (Injustice) & "Hiljainen Hauta" (Silent Grave), both sung in Finnish! Wait, what!? Yap. But these are more like the fast and/or heavy sound that we usually produce, and the Finnish language works very nice, so expect more of that in the future. We once trie part English part Finnish with 'Mistakes', so that may give some idea.

What Else?

I just started my 3 week summer vacation, so I'll try to record some neoclassical orchestral stuff I've had revolving in my head for some time now for my solo project.

OH! And I also appear on "Jae XIII - Kehdosta hautaan" Music Video!


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