The New Dawn of a Solo Project

I've been waving my classical quill after a long while. Way, way back in the day before I had even thought of KARMIA I was doing my solo project called 'In the Wake of Eden'. I did a few neoclassical/cinematic pieces and a couple of rock songs with female singers (Check my YouTube channel). Ever since founding KARMIA the project has pretty much been hibernating the past 5-6 years or so, if not including 'Apocalypse' in 2012.

I have always loved movie themes & soundtracks and the project has been in the back of my mind all these years, like "Man I should do some classical shit again, if only I had the time". This week I just started my summer vacation of three weeks and figured I'll have some time now (I was thinking the same last year)! But actually tomorrow I'll be going to my hometown to relax. I realised I only had a couple of days before that and I really, really wanted to get something done finally. So yesterday I just started composing some melodies and put together 'Crimson Dawn'. It took about 22-24 hours, which I slept four of, from picking up my guitar (I compose with guitar and/or a keyboard) to uploading to YouTube. That's probably the fastest I've ever produced a finished piece or a song, but I'm pretty happy with it. What do you think? Like? Hate? Don't give a crap? Post that on the YouTube comment section!

In the Wake of Eden - Crimson Dawn

Free download on SoundCloud


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