New Songs, Tracon X & KARMIA Guitar Tabs

Oh, the horrors of Monday.... Anyways, last Saturday we shot music videos for two new songs! There's a little teaser above of us swapping instruments and being really cool... 'Before My Eyes' and 'Blood Sacrifice' will be out sooner or later, not sure when exactly, be aware!


About two weeks ago we had a live show at Tracon X with FÆK, DIE/MAY and Polygon Black. We had a lot of fun even though it was raining and quite cold. Thanks to everyone who came to see us! Alive EP is now out of print!

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Over the years people have been asking for guitar tablatures of KARMIA songs, so I uploaded some Guitar Pro tabs on Ultimate Guitar. I may upload more if requested and depending on the song!

Oh, and if you have chance to see Phantom of the Opera in Helsinki this fall, GO! It was awesome!


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